Imagine for a moment that you wake up one morning, and you settle in to your first cup of coffee. The house is quiet, and things are good. As you turn on your iPad and click to the Wall Street Journal, there's your name in black and white - your business - being quoted or featured. Imagine the immediate validation this gives to your business. The cachet and good feelings it provides. The validation of being identified as an expert in your field, and the marketing breadth and reach of it all.

Getting quoted and featured in the press like this can have a major impact on your business. Whether you're trying to get featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Newsweek, Redbook, Glamour, TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, or even in an obscure trade journal specific to your niche, exposure in the press can take your business to the next level.

By garnering targeted press, I have helped business grow by six figures, and have landed clients on highly trafficked websites that expanded their marketing reach and provided bankable marketing collateral.

In the below example, I worked with Kate to get her featured in a multi-video series on, one of the most highly trafficked websites on the internet. This exposure helped grow Kate's business presence online, and helped to expand her marketing to reach a global audience.